7 comments on “Artist’s Statement – The Zen of Fractal Art

  1. Hey! I see you've been exposed! lol. Congrats my dear friend! I've been planning to make my own exposition back in Venezuela, but it'll take a long time. But I will!
    Best for you my frriend!

  2. Nice introduction, Stacy! It has given me more of an idea on your background. I guess I've been a bit ''artistic'' too, since I was young. I guess it runs in the family over the generations…:D We're a bit alike when it comes to the fractal addiction of applications like Apophysis. :) Keep up your good work promoting the Digital Artist….

  3. The first time, and actually the first ten times I tried to use Apophisys I didn't succeed in creating half of the fractals you did. All of them were just too common, didn't have anything special. Well, after a while, I gave up and uninstalled it. Now, however, i would like to get it again on my computer. So, I have one question for you: I notices that the latest version of the software uses other file extensions for the saved files than the one my old version did. Are my old files compatible with the latest version?

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