16 comments on “Drew Perez: The Latest Chapter of the Andrew Raymond Tower Anti-Saga

  1. “One last question, why don't these women go start their own forums?”
    Anyone dumb enough to sleep with him now that they can easily google the worm is incapable of starting a forum given a set of printed instructions and 24/7 tech support?

  2. Piss on that noise.
    1. I would not be shocked if Tower were behind that e-mail
    2. Sorry, Charlie. You made a stupid decision and you don't want anyone to know about it. It sucks, I know. But grow a set and teach your children that no one is perfect and that if their friends have questions that they can't handle to refer to you.
    Don't let the haters win, Sya.

  3. Ok as the son of Andrew Tower. If you dont believe me on this one you can refer back to the old posts and see my name all over it because I was replying up and down. the email I used is my yahoo and my AKO. For reference if you want to question my credibility my email is aaron.r.gardner@us.army.mil. I am the oldest son of Andrew Tower.
    He is in prison and is waiting for the judge to slam down the gavel. That was Tammy Lynn Tower who sent the letter, about my brothers I can tell because she personally told me everything that she wrote in that letter. She is divorcing him and he is a dumbass. It is not my fault nor is it my brothers fault that he is and it is extremely easy to pull up this website just off a last name. Not to mention my lil brothers name is Andrew Raymond Tower. That is my little brother and he is suffering enough from our fathers dumbass decisions. I agree with Tammy, he does not need to be subjected to this manner he is still in elementary school and does not deserve this. I understand the idea of the site and I applaud the person who created it. You have brought knowledge to many ignorant women who fall for Andrews lying traps. But the time has come to pull it down. The site has helped many im sure but just like the Union it is starting hurt after awhile. Yet again if you have any questions or you just want to check my credibility my email is aaron.r.gardner@us.army.mil
    PFC. Gardner, Aaron Robert

  4. Well Stacy, you asked for opinions to your query whether you should remove all the posts regarding the saga of Andrew Raymond Tower from beginning to end. When there is hurt and vendetta preoccupying us, it is hard to move on. You started a very noble piece with his story, as I don't and never did condone his behavior. But, my opinion is that the saga should now be dismissed. It has come to its fateful end. There comes a time in each one of our lives that we must pay in some way for the hurt, deceit and otherwise wrong doings we subject others to. It is the time when Karma is witnessed and the chain is finally broken. I feel this time has come.
    I don't know what brought me to this site today. It may have been in hope that since Andrew has been on a very different journey since earlier this year, that all of this would have been gone. Those of us who have been a part of this saga cannot move on and start our new lives if all the postings continue to remain. New beginnings do not necessarily mean new memories. It will turn into an addiction to see just what else is still going on with one person and it hurts those over and over again. Not to mention… I do agree with both Aaron and Tammy. The actions of one person should never affect the healthy life of another, most definitely those of children. I have two young boys of my own and I know the kind of difficulty society already places on them. Grade school children and the like can be cruel. Having the troubled behavior of their father continuously publicized can easily turn them into 'haters' at school. This blog originated to punish Andrew. Not his children. And now that Andrew's karma has been dealt with, it remains my opinion that it all should be dismissed. Not only for his children, the ones he has hurt.. but also for Andrew himself. His journey is long overdue. And now, while paying for his bad decisions, he still has the right to finally change his ways. There is wrong. And there is right. Andrew was most definitely wrong. But now I feel we should relinquish our power. Leave the ultimate power to God. For truly it is only He who can judge. We have done our noble part.
    I have contributed to this saga. And although I do know first-hand all the facts and details regarding his legal issues and current prison status, I do in no way write this on behalf of Andrew. I think you know who I am Stacy… and I do appreciate withholding my information for legal/privacy purposes. I never thought our personal email would hit a new blog. If you want to contact me directly, please do. I am thankful for your support and sincere dedication to this blog since the onset, but I agree… your job is done…. my job is done. The 'messenger' should be put to sleep… and so should this saga………..
    P.S. I did get 'it' back….

  5. But I have to add…. I am somewhat grossly disappointed in this statement submitted by Aaron…
    “You have brought knowledge to many ignorant women who fall for Andrews lying traps.”
    I have to respond that not all women who are LIED to are ignorant. Many of us are just not used to associating with LIARS so we believe in honesty. It is more than just insulting. You would be saying nothing different by telling rape victims that IT WAS THEIR FAULT and that they should be punished. Very disappointing…. but other than that, I agree with your opinion concerning the boys and their chance for a 'healthy' life…

  6. I will consider removing it when the top google search for his name will not be http://www.state.mi.us/mdoc/asp/otis2profile.asp?mdocNumber=666830
    When he finishes paying his time for his crimes, it would make sense. Not promising it, because he still continues his behavior, but when we stop hearing from victims, it may be easier to care. To date, I am aware of him victimizing over 11 women. As a man, I am sickened by his actions.

  7. Im sure everybody will realize who this is so I wont try to hide my identity as so many others have…I AM Andrew Raymond Tower…Born March 29, 1969…
    I dont mind saying that this blog and comments to it have more than made my life difficult…And up until now, I have not posted to it. I've been accused of hacking your site of spamming you and even of posting to the blog anonomously. The fact is, I've never done any of those things for no other reason than the fact that I just didnt want to validate the blog and its contents.
    The reason that Im posting to it now is because I feel that I have paid my penance for the sins I have committed. Not only have I been sent to prison but I've also lost my wife and children over my stupid actions…I blame nobody but myself nor do I hold any ill feelings for the owner of this blog or the people who have posted to it. However, I am asking that the blog be taken down. This blog has tried, convicted and sentenced me to a life of loneliness…Not that I dont deserve it. I dont deny anything that is posted in these blogs other than the fact that I have had no part in posting to it until now.
    I want to send out my deepest heartfelt apologies to all the people that I've hurt in my past. Not just the women whom I victomized but also to the children who ended up being lateral damage due to my inconsiderate actions…
    Currently, Im out of prison on parole and trying desperately to put some semblance back to my life. I have a hard road ahead of me still and Im hoping that you will be compassionate and let me live out my life without these blogs hanging over my head.
    While in prison, I spent large amounts of time in therapy and group therapy learning about myself and why I did the things I did. Although, my therapy is long from being completed, I feel I have learned enough about who I am and what made me do those things to avoid ever repeating my past behaviors.
    I wouldnt blame you if you didnt post this email or if you didnt take the blogs down but Im asking you to please consider all that I have said above in your decision…
    Andrew Tower

  8. HA HA HA omg this serious loser actually had the balls to write? paid his penance! omg i cant believe what im reading and i cant believe i'm coming here again but since he finally went to far with his lies with my girlfriend after almost 3 years i guess i grew curious. she said he changed. she stuck by him while he was in prison and while going thru a divorce with his wife which i doubt is even legal. and then continued to make plans to marry her after he went on parole in sept all while he also wanted to renew his relationship with his wife-ex wife-wife. lies lies lies and more lies. he drug children into this and just keeps going. now his ex-wife/wife considered giving him another chance because he lied to her too saying he wasnt with my gf. omg. he is a definite mess and will not ever change. if it wasnt for the kids and the women getting involved and hurt, i might even feel sorry for the sob.drew/andrew grow up and stop screwing with people and their heads!!!!! now i was told that he even reopened his old IM accounts where he solicited all the women online. doorknob_locked and luv2eat_at_the_y. i wonder what new name he will now use. if all this didnt knock some sense now into my gf, then i'm going for the concrete on her head next. i just pray no other women fall for this lying cheating manipulative male whore. and this post is for all his recent behavior since he got on parole this past sept 09. in just less than 4 months he's done damage already. he should never have got let out.

  9. Just for the record, yes, I did finally have the balls to write on this blog…and yes, I left Donna after I was parolled for an opportunity to make another attempt at saving my life long relationship with my ex-wife which, by the way, the divorce is most definately legal…I didnt intend on hurting Donna but I wasnt happy being with her…we have all had failed relationships and no matter how you handle it, somebody gets hurt when a relationship ends…for that Im sorry but I cant help it…Maybe I handled the break up the wrong way and Im sorry for that as well…I didnt reopen any old instant messenger accounts and I have no intention to do so…I have no intention of ever doing the things I did before…Im very happy where I am and there isnt a soul out there that could ever make me hurt my relationship with my ex-wife or MY children who also have been effected by all of my past…Im only doing what everybody told me I should be…Im being the man that my wife fell in love with so many years ago and Im being the father that my children deserve…if you cant deal with that, Im sorry… Donna and I were not meant to be…I will always care about her but I cannot be with her and be unhappy…My unhappiness with her was not all her fault but neither was it all my fault…As far as I am concerned, This saga is over…Im where I belong…with my family…if everybody else wants to keep this going by bashing me every chance they get then so be it but this is absolutely the last time I will post here or even visit here…Nothing you can do here can hurt me…Tammy and I are together, she knows what has happened and we are moving on and are now stronger than we have ever been…
    Andrew Tower

  10. Wow…isn't that amazing…let me bet that there IS a different version of the above. And just because you brought her name into it, Andrew, doesn't make what you wrote entirely true. If you have finally found your happiness, then there is no reason you should ever concern yourself with what others think anymore…In my opinion, you are trying to convince yourself…but best of luck with all YOUR future happinesses…

  11. Good call, 'Kylere'.
    Andrew Raymond Tower/Drew Perez's behaviors DID in fact continue after he left prison and went on parole.
    Andrew will never be capable of anything different.
    And it's too bad his ex-wife/girlfriend's self-esteem is too low to acknowledge it.

  12. FYI…. Drew Perez is still on the prowell!!!!!! I have a close friend who was caught up in the rapture, until we found this blog!!!!!!!!

  13. Its 2015, June.. I am his latest victim.. He is still lying and still a perpetrator and putting ads on Craigslist for sex and true love. I thought I was engaged to him, little did I know how much of his lies and story telling till I read up on these blogs. He is sick and needs help. If his ex wife, life partner, is dumb enough to put up with it, then so be it..

    • He was dating me in 2015..if you care to contact me I’d like to ask a few questions.
      Thank you

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