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Twice a year in March and September, Rattle releases an eIssue, a special newsletter featuring original poems and interview excerpts from upcoming issues, selected e-reviews, and artwork. I was approached by editor, Timothy Green, to consider submitting some of my fractal artwork as this issues Featured Artist and I enthusiastically agreed! Inside, you'll find a collection of fractals as well as an artist's bio and short introduction to my work. It's now available for download as a free PDF file, so please do check it out, not only for the eye-candy, but for the mind-candy as well!
P.S. Past eIssues are available for download here.

Get yourself a copy of this book! No, not because Erecting the New Zion adorns the cover, but because the poetry and prose on the pages within evoke a dream-like and surrealistic portrait of life and love in America.

Some reviews:
Each portion forming a reduced-size copy of the whole, a fractal is forever fragmented, both chaotic and ordered, endlessly complex. Timothy Green’s American Fractal sees this pattern emerge from the fabric of modern culture, as it navigates the personal, the political, and the metaphysical, in a lyric dreamscape in which an eerie chaos lurks just behind the façade of order—where “what looks like / a river…could be a log,” “…as if accident were / the fundamental attribute of life.” In separate poems, one man sells ad space on his forehead, while another examines the multitudes of his own voice on an audio cassette recorder. Each life is but another section of the fractal, the past and the future two mirrors that face each other to perpetuate the illusion of infinites. At turns evocative and sweetly ironic, Green straddles the line between accessibility and complexity, exploring “how the wind whispers our secrets,” how “that little tremor” of understanding “touches your sleeve, lets go.”

“The poems in Timothy Green’s American Fractal find love within love; landscape within landscape; the ‘I’ and ‘you’ nestled within the bigger ‘I’ and ‘you.’ Unpredictable, uproarious, and true to the wonder of the moment, Green’s poems are chockfull of magical imagery that blurs the waking and dream life.” —Denise Duhamel, author of Queen for a Day and Kinky

“Looking for the order within disorder, Timothy Green would “wake the body from its only available dream.” Green appreciates how strange this order can be, and that the extraordinary is the hallmark of the individual. In these poems, a man auctions his forehead as ad space, cutlery rains from the sky, spiders devour their mother: in other words, here is life.” —Bob Hicok, author of This Clumsy Living

Droid users, let me recommend the app FBReader as a book reader for your Droid. I have tried 13* of them since Saturday, and some lack decent support, some lack basic functionality, some lack even the ability to change pages without a sub menu. FBReader handles too few regular formats, and at first I overlooked it as a result. I did find a solution, noted in the next paragraph.
The application Calibre will let you convert almost any ebook to a epub (The free and open e-book standard), or several other formats. I recommend it if you have an inferior phone also, heh, since Epub is rather commonly available, and it is usable over many platforms (as is FBReader). Regardless of what you use, I recommend checking this out!
I started this process by downloading and installing the top 5* free ebooks readers from the Droid market. If they crashed, I read their forums, followed their recommended fixes, verified files, used their test files etc. So, when I say it crashes it is based on what it does when you and your hardware have done everything right already.
FBReader – I give this app about a 95% approval rating. The only feature others have that it lacks is autoscrolling, and since my old BB never supported it, I guess that I do not miss it. The apps that do offer the autoscroll option never make it fast enough to be useful to me. It allows a full choice of fonts/size/colors/margins. You can select multiple hard keys for page turning, you can pick the folder it sees the library in (and it read subdirectories, which 3 of the 5 seemed incapable of doing). It is cross platform, distributed under GNU GPL and supports the following system choices so you do not have to deal with changing readers between portable and home.
* For Linux desktop computer.
* For Windows XP/Vista/7 computer.
* For SmartQ 5/7 MID.
* For Maemo (Nokia 770/N800/N810) Internet Tablet.
* For Sharp Zaurus with Qtopia-based ROM (e.g., original Sharp, Cacko) installed.
* For Sharp Zaurus with pdaXrom installed.
* For Sharp Zaurus with OpenZaurus installed.
* For Siemens Simpad with OpenSimpad 0.9.0.
* For Archos PMA430.
* For PepperPad.
* For Motorola A1200 smartphone.
* FBReaderJ for Google Android.
* FBReader for Motorola E680i/A780 (ported by Ketut P. Kumajaya).
* FBReader for MacOS X (by Stanislav Gobunov).
* Fbreader for IRex iLiad (ported by Adam B.).
* FBReader FreeBSD ports (thanks to Andrew Pantyukhin)
Aldiko – Limited Formats it can read, VERY VERY SLOW, crashed one time in three, requires you use a unchangeable folder for storage of files (which several others also fail with). It scrolls pages nicely and give you button options for page changing in addition to using on screen gestures. If it had more stability or worked more consistently I would have better to say of it, but too slow and too buggy.
Word Player (sometimes called Art of War since it comes with it) Crash, Crash, Crash, Ooo it is working, check out the feat…oh it crashed again. Ohh it is working now, let's wait half an hour for a page to load in its native format, oh no it crashed.
eReaderPro – Okay, this app is decent overall (and has autoscroll with adjustable speed) but has two major flaws. First, it seems to only be able to see books in the root of your memory, if you have one ebook I can see that being okay, I on the other hand am loading 33k books/manuals onto my phone. Second, it only allows screen gestures to change pages. This is simply unacceptable to me, and might be to you, but if you are trying to read something with gloves on having the option to map page up/down to the volume keys is required.
The fifth, well, I have zero good to say about it.
As a side note, the Sci-Fi Publisher Baen gives away thousands of free books in multiple formats, and you can download entire CD's of marterial they have released from The Fifth Imperium
* Started with 13, I do want to mention that all the others I tried dramatically failed, support DRM only, required you buy books only from them, etc. None were worth abandoning a library of open books, nor would I ever.

The dumbing down of America, folks.

From the page: AUSTIN, Tex. — After three days of turbulent meetings, the Texas Board of Education on Friday approved a social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks, stressing the superiority of American capitalism, questioning the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a purely secular government and presenting Republican political philosophies in a more positive light.