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You still have time to buy a duck (nah, buy at least six) for Cincy’s 18th Annual Rubber Duck Regatta taking place Sunday, September 2 during the P&G Riverfest.

An estimated 150,000 ducks will be dropped into the Ohio River and the owner of the first duck to cross the finish line wins a 2012 Honda Civic, and if their duck is the “Million Dollar Duck” they get – you guessed it – a million buckaroos (you don’t know how hard I had to fight the urge to write duckaroos just then). The owner of the second place duck will receive $100 from Kroger every week for a year, and five additional runners-up will win $500 cash from KEMBA Credit Union.

Soon after we moved down here, I learned that the Rubber Duck Regatta is the Freestore Foodbank’s largest annual fundraising event, netting approximately $550,000 each year. I read on their webpage that the event has cumulatively raised nearly $6 million for the Freestore Foodbank and its more than 315 non-profit partner agencies. It’s a fun-spirited way to gain community awareness in regards to the very real problem of poverty and hunger in the region, and as a newcomer to this city, it’s amazing to see how the community responds with such generosity!

Price: $100 for 24; $50 for 12; $25 for 6; $5 per duck

And then people wonder why American’s are so ignorant. GIVE US A SCIENCE MUSEUM! Our kids deserve better than to have this pseudo-science taught to them. So fed up with the lengths the religious zealots will go to in order to defend and propagate their lies. To call this place a museum is not only a joke but an affront to intelligence at worst, an abuse of the English language at best.

Fundamental Christians are too closed-minded to consider anything that doesn’t coincide fully with their religious text, so “science” is an area where they get to make stuff up in order to make it fit with what the Bible says. For a good example of this, here’s an interview with Creation Museum scientist, Dr.Georgia Purdom and skeptic Dr. Michael Shermer in which she explains that any data collected in the lab that conflicts with the Bible’s account of creation cannot be true and is thrown out. Proof that even “educated” Christian “scientists” are blind to truths and facts due to their literal interpretations of their “Answer Book”.

When people take their kid’s to Disney World, the fairy tales are presented as fictional fairy tales. When people take their kids to Creationist attractions, the fairy tales are presented as fact. Where’s Northern Kentucky’s Science Museum? Evidently, 900 jobs and millions of visitors are more important than teaching our children about the 40+ valid radiometric dating methods scientists use to date rocks, or how to count the layers of polar ice caps to prove the age of the planet is older than 7K yrs.