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Surely, I'm not the only person who has ever hospitalized themselves playing DDR… *cough* right? I was just starting to get good at it too, then I jigged when i shoulda jagged and threw out my back. My coworkers never let me live that down. Apparently, they held this crazy notion that people in their 30's should not be playing DDR on their kid's X-box. Well, to all of you who laughed at my pain, who rubbed my lack of coordination in my old, senile face… I want you to know that I could have been so good if it were not for the inferiority complex ya'll gave me. YES! I too could have been this leet!
Grandma's Boy – Dance Dance Revolution

Nothing says success more then a thirty-six year old man beating a teenager at Dance Dance Revolution.

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Old Tucows Windows Review Team members, see what your cruelty kept me from achieving!?
You don't know.
You ain't Flint.
(Thanks, Mike O.)