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“God cares about Flint,” she said. “He has a plan for the city of Flint and that’s to give it hope.”

Really… and how would she know? Based on factual evidence, “God” must not have given a fuck about Flint for the last 30 years. And NOW he’s interested in granting a little hope? Bastard.


Flint sucks. Let’s all get together and DO something… like PRAY about it.

Seems to me that if you are healthy enough to canvas for 5.5 hours a day and have that kind of time on your hands, you could certainly do something more constructive to help Flint.


Something that desperately needed to be said, as someone who grew up with Bill Harris and Joel Feick on the television, bringing us the news. I was fortunate to have worked under Bleicher’s son, Matt at Tucows. All of them, class acts. Sorry to see this happening in an area that NEEDS and relies upon first class news broadcasts.

And they kept all the pretty young women, btw…