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A Chaotica fractal and some close-up views. Click images to see them enlarged. Enlargements are approximately half the original print size.

I had an eye exam. Then I read that quote Stephen Hawking made about the borders of black holes and that reminded me of the Coastline Paradox, which then caused me to open up an old seed from the Escher’s Infinite Circle series. If you recall, the center starts out large and each iteration outward becomes smaller and smaller until finally, the circle boundary appears to be a line… actually, it’s the pattern going out into all directions infinitely. How mind-blowing-ly beautiful is that?

Iris by Sya - Full

Iris by Sya - Quarter

Iris by Sya - Center

Iris by Sya - Actual Size

I’ve shared the documentary, The Colors of Infinity before, but I’m sharing it again because I found it for free on YouTube, and also because I think you should watch both of these videos together simultaneously. You will zoom through the Mandelbrot set while you hear Mandelbrot himself describe his Eureka! moment of discovery. You’ll also understand what is meant by self-similarity found in fractal patterns. Experience what it’s like to magnify a fractal until it is enormously larger than our known universe!