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So I'm stuck on this song in Hard mode… I can't even imagine trying to do it in Expert, much less get 100% like this guy. Mad props! Which begs the question — how long does one have to sit around playing this video game in their parent's basement in order to get that good? I'd call the guy a loser, but to be honest, I might have a little hero worship going on at the moment.

Here are some great cheats brought to you by the cool folks over at Mahalo:

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Will I ever master this song on Guitar Hero's hardest level?! I'd be happy with 3 stars at this point. I may be getting blisters and a stiff back. Don't laugh. It's not easy!
Gotta respect those guitarists! I mean, how do those guys have the stamina to play entire concerts, sometimes even piss drunk or stoned? All I'm doing is tapping some fraking buttons on a toy!