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For the rest of the day today and tomorrow, if you become a member of the library of educational resources over at, you will receive the gift of a HumbleBundle Double Pack!

That’s 11 games, for Windows, Linux or Mac.
You’ll also get free advertising for your site or business on Librarian Chick.
You’ll also get the satisfaction of having stretched your charitable dollars by helping not one, but many charities.

For 10 bucks!

Thanks for supporting free educational resources!

I'm proud to announce the newly redesigned, Librarian Chick, a wiki that provides links to hundreds upon hundreds of the best free educational resources! By popular demand, Librarian Chick now has a Category Breakdown page so you can see the contents of each category separately. Navigation and layout make a bit more sense now and it's less cluttered. Thanks to all of you who have supported Librarian Chick over the last couple years. With your help, we were able to move to our own server, which was a big step in having more control over the layout and content. Keep on spreading the word!

Librarian Chick was recently updated to PBwiki 2.0 complete with a new design and cool tools. I've been getting a lot of submissions flowing in and haven't had the time to add them. Seriously, I need to take one evening and do nothing but add, add, add! Who knew there were so many fantastic and FREE educational resources available out there?
Go learn something!

I also updated FOSSwiki to the new version as well. I'm still dealing with some left over text reformatting issues for both sites, but all in all, I'm pleased with the new features PBwiki has introduced. I know I've complained about them in the past, but they seem to have listened to their users and with this new version, they implemented enhanced customization tools and security controls, and also made it easier to collaborate with others.
Maybe I'll stay a while longer. :)

Sick of paying high prices for college text books? Here's a solution! is a new addition over at Librarian Chick! It's a social networking site where college students can sell, trade or buy used text books. It's also a fun way to chat and socialize with other students. Don't pay full price for text books! Librarian chick forbids it!

Librarian Chick's Hot Picks

I've added some fun free educational resources to Librarian Chick! Here is a list of this week's highlights for you to check out!

  • EdTechTalk – A webcasting network of educators discussing educational technology
  • WebQuest – A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most of the information comes from the web
  • Writing Career – Expert advice on career training, career education, and changing careers aimed at writers and freelance writers
  • TECHtionary – Animated tutorials about technology
  • WordCounter – Use this to see what words you overuse to keep from writing redundantly or repetitively
  • HyperDictionary – One search returns results from video, medical, dream, computing, current and vintage dictionaries
  • Daily Grammar – Free grammar lessons emailed to you Monday through Friday, with a quiz on Saturday
  • Silva Rhetoricae – Helping beginners, as well as experts, make sense of rhetoric
  • English Club – Many resources for English educators and students
  • Tech Cheat Sheet – Technology and programming related cheat sheets and quick reference guides
  • Refdesk – Reference, facts, news, search and resources

Related news: I recently installed a PayPal donation button to the main page and today Librarian Chick received its very first donation! Thanks for your support, Mr. R! You know who you are!

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Librarian Chick's Hot Picks

Free educational resources are posted to Librarian Chick regularly! Here's a list of my favorite sites from this week's new additions!

  • ERIC – Education Resources Information Center provides the world's largest digital library of education literature
  • Animal Diversity Web – An online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology from University of Michigan
  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant – Resources for writers, advice, articles, writing tools, free blog, forums and more
  • BookFinder4U – Compare book prices at over 130 bookstores for the best price
  • The Educator's Reference Desk – A catalog of educational resources and lesson plans for educators
  • Lecturefox – A collection of free university lectures on physics, mathematics and computer sciences
  • – Create an online writing portfolio with numerous writing tools, email services, and the chance to meet and bond with fresh creative minds
  • Common Errors In English – An extensive list of common errors made in (American) English
  • WordNet 3.0 – This vocabulary helper offers word definitions, antonyms, hyponyms, synonyms, holonyms, attributes, and more

New Category Added! Culture, Arts and Music

  • AICT – Provides a rich database of images of art and architectural works in the public domain on a free-access, free-use basis
  • Berklee Shares – Free music lessons that you can download and share
  • Incredible Art Department – Art lessons, resources, galleries and much more
  • Royalty Free Music – Features collections of royalty-free music for individuals to freely use in personal projects and production
  • ArtsEdge – Provides free resources and materials for teachers, students, and arts-based instruction for theater, music, visual arts and dance

Top Submission Pick: Dot What!? – A database of file extension information for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, submitted by Jay! Thanks for letting us know about this awesome resource, Jay!

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Just wanted to start spreading the news… I finally purchased a domain name for the Librarian Chick wiki! Please bookmark and share it on your favorite social networking sites! Librarian Chick now contains nearly 400 free resources with new additions posted multiple times weekly. If you want to know when new resources are listed, just subscribe to the RSS feed.
Also, I added FOSSwiki as a subdomain, so it can now be found at Both of these wikis are still hosted by PBwiki for the time being, but soon I hope to be hosting Librarian Chick on our own server. FOSSwiki will likely stay put for a while longer though. I'm currently adding links to the developer's home pages for each title on the main page , so please be patient while these updates are being made.

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