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Get yourself a copy of this book! No, not because Erecting the New Zion adorns the cover, but because the poetry and prose on the pages within evoke a dream-like and surrealistic portrait of life and love in America.

Some reviews:
Each portion forming a reduced-size copy of the whole, a fractal is forever fragmented, both chaotic and ordered, endlessly complex. Timothy Green’s American Fractal sees this pattern emerge from the fabric of modern culture, as it navigates the personal, the political, and the metaphysical, in a lyric dreamscape in which an eerie chaos lurks just behind the façade of order—where “what looks like / a river…could be a log,” “…as if accident were / the fundamental attribute of life.” In separate poems, one man sells ad space on his forehead, while another examines the multitudes of his own voice on an audio cassette recorder. Each life is but another section of the fractal, the past and the future two mirrors that face each other to perpetuate the illusion of infinites. At turns evocative and sweetly ironic, Green straddles the line between accessibility and complexity, exploring “how the wind whispers our secrets,” how “that little tremor” of understanding “touches your sleeve, lets go.”

“The poems in Timothy Green’s American Fractal find love within love; landscape within landscape; the ‘I’ and ‘you’ nestled within the bigger ‘I’ and ‘you.’ Unpredictable, uproarious, and true to the wonder of the moment, Green’s poems are chockfull of magical imagery that blurs the waking and dream life.” —Denise Duhamel, author of Queen for a Day and Kinky

“Looking for the order within disorder, Timothy Green would “wake the body from its only available dream.” Green appreciates how strange this order can be, and that the extraordinary is the hallmark of the individual. In these poems, a man auctions his forehead as ad space, cutlery rains from the sky, spiders devour their mother: in other words, here is life.” —Bob Hicok, author of This Clumsy Living

Michael and I attended the second night of DAMNED II, which was a formal attire masquerade ball held on on Devil’s Night. This was the second year of the exhibit and I was proud to have some of my work selected and displayed. We took pictures but only a few came out, so until I find more posted by friends at the event, this is all I have to share. They are already planning next years event, so if you are a dark artist or have some controversial/macabre pieces to submit, mark your calendars and bookmark this page.

The main gallery, with the shop located on the right.

The opening there on the left lead to the performance stage, seating, and a bar.

I’m standing next to one of my prints, Alive.

I’m standing beside a spectacular sculpture, though I’ve forgotten the artist’s name. Anyone?

Michael in his gorgeous costume and cape, standing next to the other sculpture by the same artist. Incredible stuff.

Another view of the show from the balcony while the lights were dimmed during a hauntingly magnificent violin performance.

Michael shot this as I was ascending the stairs to the VIP room.

Mask mandatory, so here I am in full costume.

We may not be able to attend every year, but there was a surprisingly huge turn out this time around and we had a splendid evening. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else as upscale and entertaining to do on Devil’s Night in the Detroit area. Many thanks to fellow artist, DVS (Dark Vision Studio) for encouraging me to submit. Without his hard work, the show would not have been the great success that it was.