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It’s interesting to me how different Bible translations subtly change the meaning…

BibleHub does a decent job of showing several versions along with corresponding Biblical texts. As an example of wildly varying interpretations, the harsh master in this verse has also been depicted as: unjust, ill-tempered, cross, cruel, froward, severe, perverse, or just plain unreasonable. Just noting how strange that is.

Also, we know with certainty that this verse and several others like it have been used to justify American slavery and racism historically as well as present-day. But you want a real mind-blower? I challenge you to *try* reading a contemporary apologist’s take on it, which starts out saying the Bible wasn’t referring to slavery as we’ve come to know it today (Roman slavery was different, donchyaknow), going so far as to claim that the actual interpretation of “unreasonable” means someone with a crooked spine from scoliosis, and ultimately finding a way to turn it all into the persecution of Christians and the suffering of poor innocent Jesus. I guess on the bright side, there’s only so long they can continue to kick up dust by dancing around the elephant in the room. Eventually, the haze of denial and deceit will settle. Maybe I’m just being optimistic. Anyway, for shits and giggles, if you dare: The Submission of Slaves to Masters by Bob Deffinbaugh