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This might be funny if it weren’t so sad…

Catholic nuns group ‘stunned’ by Vatican slap

From the page:
A prominent U.S. Catholic nuns group said Thursday that it was “stunned” that the Vatican reprimanded it for spending too much time on poverty and social-justice concerns and not enough on condemning abortion and gay marriage.

In a stinging report on Wednesday, the Vatican said the Leadership Conference of Women Religious had been “silent on the right to life” and had failed to make the “Biblical view of family life and human sexuality” a central plank in its agenda.

It also reprimanded American nuns for expressing positions on political issues that differed, at times, from views held by U.S. bishops. Public disagreement with the bishops — “who are the church’s authentic teachers of faith and morals” — is unacceptable, the report said.

Associated Press – Bolivia – An evangelical pastor and his sister have been arrested by police in Bolivia after they purportedly killed a sibling during a bathtub exorcism, officials said Monday.

“An evil spirit entered me, took control of my hand and began to submerge my little sister,” Marca purportedly told police. “Satan was inside the tub.”

“Adopt an Atheist” Campaign Begins

From the page:
“We are asking everyone to contact the American Atheist affiliate in his area [click here], letting them know of your interest in “adopting” one of them. All it takes is an e-mail. Let them know of your sincere interest in working with them to uncover their inner self. They may be resistant at first, but eventually they may come to understand that they were Christian all along.
If we hurry, these closeted Christians can celebrate Christmas like the rest of us. ”

But, we’re not falling for it. We already know what Christians really think of us:

Catholic League president: Atheists ‘out there to get us’

The Shady World of Right-Wing ‘Discipline’ Guides

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In The Strong Willed Child (Living Books 1992), Dobson makes a parallel between beating children and beating dogs:

“I had seen this defiant mood before, and knew there was only one way to deal with it. The ONLY way to make Siggie obey is to threaten him with destruction. Nothing else works. I turned and went to my closet and got a small belt to help me ‘reason’ with Mr. Freud.

“What developed next is impossible to describe. That tiny dog and I had the most vicious fight ever staged between man and beast. I fought him up one wall and down the other, with both of us scratching and clawing and growling and swinging the belt. I am embarrassed by the memory of the entire scene. Inch by inch I moved him toward the family room and his bed. As a final desperate maneuver, Siggie backed into the corner for one last snarling stand. I eventually got him to bed, only because I outweighed him 200 to 12!

“But this is not a book about the discipline of dogs; there is an important moral to my story that is highly relevant to the world of children. JUST AS SURELY AS A DOG WILL OCCASIONALLY CHALLENGE THE AUTHORITY OF HIS LEADERS, SO WILL A LITTLE CHILD — ONLY MORE SO.” [Emphasis Dobson’s]

Further reading: Preaching Virtue of Spanking, Even as Deaths Fuel Debate
Corporal Discipline is strongly supported by God in the Bible

For the record, I couldn’t remain married to a man who treated a small animal so inhumanely, much less commit to raising children with him. This man shouldn’t be giving parenting advice, plain and simple.

Oops! Cleaner Scrubs Away $1.1M Artwork

From the page: A cleaning woman at a German art museum mistook a $1.1 million sculpture for a mess, and made a bigger mess of things when she scrubbed most of it away.
The cleaner went to work on the Martin Kippenberger installation titled “When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling,” a patina intended to look like a dried rain puddle, The Associated Press reported.

This concert was in 1993, just in case you were still thinking this was a “new movement.” But perhaps this anthem is more relevant now than ever before. People across America are finally rising up off their couches and gathering in the streets. Are we going to let them turn this Land of the Free into the Land of the Imprisoned?

The quote he’s shouting in the beginning comes from Eldridge Cleaver. Say what you will about his politics, the Black Panthers, his religious conversions and what-have-you, but this quote still provides clarity and insight all these years later: “They have deadly weapons with which to inflict pain on the human body. They know how to bring about horrible deaths. They have clubs with which to beat the body and the head. They have bullets and guns with which to tear holes in the flesh, to smash bones, to disable and kill. They use force, to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do. They will use all that is necessary to bring you to your knees.”

Still don’t think the government is doing all that is necessary to bring it’s citizens to their knees?

I want to know why our prisons are overflowing with non-violent offenders. This isn’t just a rant about drug-law reform or prohibition, I think you all know by now how I feel about that. This is about taking a good hard look at the stats and starting a conversation about what is required to implement a system with a better semblance of balance. Now, think about this for a moment: there are more black men in prison right now than there are in college. Nearly one in three black males aged 20–29 are under some form of criminal justice supervision (imprisoned, jailed, on parole or probation) and one in nine black Americans will be incarcerated between the ages of 20 and 34. To add insult to injury, the majority of African Americans (ex. 55% in Chicago) are labeled felons for life, and, as a result, may be prevented from voting, accessing public housing or student loans or other public assistance, not to mention the negative impact this has on their families, dependents, and community.* Does that sound like freedom to you? No? Me neither.

*Stats taken from: and

Viki Knox, Union Township New Jersey Teacher, Investigated For Alleged Anti-Gay Facebook Posts

From the page: Viki Knox, a 49-year-old special education teacher at Union High School and adviser to the school’s student prayer group, reportedly posted on Facebook that homosexuality is “a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation,” and a “sin” that “breeds like cancer,” the Star-Ledger reports.
“Union is not South Orange/Maplewood where one out of four families consist of two Mommies or daddies… Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?” Knox wrote. “I/we do not have to accept anything, anyone, any behavior or any choices! I do not have to tolerate anything others wish to do.”

“Hateful public comments from a teacher cannot be tolerated,” Paragano wrote, according to the Star-Ledger. “She has a right to say it. But she does not have a right to keep her job after saying it.”

Knox was escorted from school property, but Martin declined to confirm whether the teacher was suspended, 1010 WINS reports. Knox also had no defending comments.