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Blood Falls

From the page:
Roughly two million years ago, the Taylor Glacier sealed beneath it a small body of water which contained an ancient community of microbes. Trapped below a thick layer of ice, they have remained there ever since, isolated inside a natural time capsule. Evolving independently of the rest of the living world, these microbes exist in a place with no light or free oxygen and little heat, and are essentially the definition of “primordial ooze.”

via Atlas Obscura – a collaborative compendium of amazing places that aren’t found in your average guidebook.

Associated Press – Bolivia – An evangelical pastor and his sister have been arrested by police in Bolivia after they purportedly killed a sibling during a bathtub exorcism, officials said Monday.

“An evil spirit entered me, took control of my hand and began to submerge my little sister,” Marca purportedly told police. “Satan was inside the tub.”

Oops! Cleaner Scrubs Away $1.1M Artwork

From the page: A cleaning woman at a German art museum mistook a $1.1 million sculpture for a mess, and made a bigger mess of things when she scrubbed most of it away.
The cleaner went to work on the Martin Kippenberger installation titled “When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling,” a patina intended to look like a dried rain puddle, The Associated Press reported.


And then people wonder why American’s are so ignorant. GIVE US A SCIENCE MUSEUM! Our kids deserve better than to have this pseudo-science taught to them. So fed up with the lengths the religious zealots will go to in order to defend and propagate their lies. To call this place a museum is not only a joke but an affront to intelligence at worst, an abuse of the English language at best.

Fundamental Christians are too closed-minded to consider anything that doesn’t coincide fully with their religious text, so “science” is an area where they get to make stuff up in order to make it fit with what the Bible says. For a good example of this, here’s an interview with Creation Museum scientist, Dr.Georgia Purdom and skeptic Dr. Michael Shermer in which she explains that any data collected in the lab that conflicts with the Bible’s account of creation cannot be true and is thrown out. Proof that even “educated” Christian “scientists” are blind to truths and facts due to their literal interpretations of their “Answer Book”.