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I love how he wraps things up with, “We’re going to be OK.” as though society might collapse if iPads and iPhones don’t have the hover ability. That Apple considers itself so important that everyone else needs to change the way the Internet works to suit their crapware… well, I’m no Apple fan, that’s for sure, but it still seems a bit vain if you ask me. And backwards.


Meh. Facebook is just another outlet. Used to be MySpace. Before that, AOL, and before that, there were these places people would congregate after work… I think they were called bars, you know where you could drink to loosen your inhibitions and go home with strangers. Shocker, people cheat! Oh my! That’s newsworthy!


Seeing a doctor regularly does not make a person healthy. It looks like she is carrying about 30 to 40 pounds too many to be healthy. Gotta wonder what that’s doing to her heart, bones and joints, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems…

They have specialty stores for plus-size women and super thin women alike. Many stores have entire departments just for the plus-sized. It’s not like there’s no place to shop for fat-pants in this country.


Haven’t any of you heard terms like “target audience” or “target market” before? Common phrases in marketing – that’s because they are common practice, so common, even small businesses must pinpoint their target and find ways to expand it if thy plan to succeed. It’s called capitalism, not world domination. Quit using those savings cards at grocery stores and book shops if you’re paranoid about companies finding out your habits. In the same respect, don’t use Google if you’re paranoid.

I’ll be selling tinfoil hats in the foyer.

I have been feeling crappy lately, so last night I crashed early and woke up feeling semi human before it was too late to spend a few minutes at least watching TV with Stacy. Started up my PC ( long story as to why I have to watch TV on my PC at the moment) and defragged the C drive while I got some coffee, I updated my Video Drivers and noticed I had no sound. Speakers were on, looked for speaker on task bar, none there, went to Control Panel and it says, “No Audio Device” and it is greyed out.
Side notes that may be relevant… Asus A8N-SLI, WinXP Sp3.
The “Sound playback” and “Voice playback” in the Audio and Voice tab respectively are greyed out as well. Hardware tab shows the Realtek AC97 card, and the sound drivers is installed and working properly.
Device Manager shows sound, video and game controllers, there are:
“Audio codecs
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Media Control Devices
Realtek AC97 Audio
Video Codecs”
and none of them have '!' or “?” beside them.
Uninstalled driver, reinstalled, same result.
Verified Device was turned on in Bios
Verified Windows Audio service was running
I think that you mentioned that in the sound & audio devices its all gray , so try this it will help you:

Go to Start menu and chose Run, write this command:
services.msc, press enter
In new window on the right panel find Windows Audio and double click on it, when you see the new window under Windows Audio Properties in page General down to the Startup type make shore it is Automatic and in the part Services status click on Start than Apply, OK and the problem is solved.
Downloaded Driver from Asus site, same result
Downloaded Driver from Realtek site, same result


1. From Device Manager (be sure to select View/Show hidden devices), find the 'ISAPNP Read Data Port' device from the System Devices list.
2. Right click the ISAPNP device, and select “Update Driver”
3. Select “Install from a list or specific location”
4. Select “Don't search. I will choose the driver to install.”
5. The step I left out on prior trials: UNSELECT “Show Compatible Hardware”
6. Be sure that “(Standard System Devices)” is selected under Manufacturer.
7. Under Model, scroll down until you see “Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator”. Select this item, and select “Next>”.
8. You will receive some frightening error message that you should probably disregard.
9. Complete the installation of the driver. You will see your device list magically change before your eyes. The other PNP devices will mysteriously become enabled and active. If not, restart.


1. In Device Manager, System Devices check that Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator is installed and running. If not , then you need to reinstall it:
1a. Copy machine.inf from %windir%\inf to your desktop (didn't have Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator, and still don't)
2. Remove line ExcludeFromSelect=*
3. Use Add new hardware wizard using the Have Disk option
4. Select the machine.inf you saved on the desktop
5. Install Plug and Play Software Device
6. restart the computer
7. if sound does not come on try to uninstall\reinstall the audio drivers one last time and reboot

Updating to a newer BIOS (only a beta was avail from Asus, but tried it, it caused other problems so had to downgrade to original and boy was that fun)
During this process I had to boot to Ubuntu USB, and sound worked THERE without a problem. FRAKING MICROSOFT!

This problem is caused by a missing file in XP and has nothing to do with the hardware or the Realtek audio driver. Each time you boot XP it will detect new hardware and request you to instal the Microsoft UUA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio. To fix the problem you have to request the hotfix for KB888111.
Click the following link then click where it says View and request hotfix downloads at the top left of the article next to the tools icon.
Don't bother reading the KB888111 article as that is not particularly helpful. It says that the hotfix is for XP SP1 and SP2 but it works fine with SP3.
When you have requested the hotfix you will be sent an email with a download link to download the hotfix. The hotfix is a self extracting cabinet so double click the file to unzip the contents. You need to enter a password and the password is in the email sent from Microsoft along with the hotfix attachment.
When you have extracted the contents of the hotfix you will see a number of folders. The folders are named according to different languages so if you want english you choose the folder named US.
Open the folder and inside is another folder named x86fre and inside that folder are four self extracting cabinets. Two of these are named kb888111sp1 and kb888111sp2. Choose the SP1 cabinet if your XP is SP1 and choose the SP2 cabinet if your XP is either SP2 or SP3.
Important – don't double click the cabinet but unzip it instead as you are not installing the hotfix. You are simply extracting the files from the cabinet.
When you have extracted the contents of kb888111sp1 or kb888111sp2 you will see a folder named commonfiles and inside this folder are the files you need to instal the missing Microsoft UUA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.
Reboot XP and when it detects new hardware it requests the system file HDAUDBUS and you should simply point to the commonfiles folder which contains the missing file. XP will instal the file and that is the problem fixed.
Follow these steps and it is quite easy to do.

Updating all the chipset drivers from Nvidia (Nforce)
Downloaded all possible updates/patches from Microsoft Update, no joy!
Read that you can change registry settings to make it think it is SP2, Microsoft KB888111. Did so, no joy.
Have I mentioned I never got to call Stacy because it is still not working, it is three am and I want to slap around the 5000 people I read on forums from my Google searches who ignore everything people say and tell them to see if their speakers are turned on. Microsoft does not admit to this being an issue, they have no resolution and it appears it is a wide spread and rather common issue.
I may have to reinstall my entire OS and all the software entirely because they cannot manage to detect a device that their OS shows as present and working! I am however using this post as a collation of all the suggested fixes for the “no audio device” problem since some people do report their issues resolved by one or more of the procedures above.

I smile at people, even if I don't know them, young, old, clean, dirty, toothless. It's just the way I am and it's a habit I didn't think I had to break myself of until recently. Four times this week, I smiled at someone while I was out and about in the city of Flint and they took that as some kind of queue to come up and ask me for money — once at 7-11, once while standing in line, again while walking to my car in the Meijer's parking lot, and again yesterday while waiting in a drive-through for my $2 order of food. But then again, anyone who has lived in Flint long enough knows that sometimes all it takes is making eye contact.

I refuse to live in a world in which we cannot look our fellow sisters and brothers directly in the eye.

We lived downtown when I was a teenager and there was a woman who came knocking on our door asking for money to feed her 6 children. My mother told her she didn't have any money to give her, but she could spare some food. She told her if she would come once a week to pick it up, there would be a bag on the steps for her. For a few weeks, my mother placed a bag of groceries on the porch steps but the lady never came around to collect it so she stopped leaving it for her. Later that summer, she came around again, asking for money for a sick relative who was in the hospital. She was either persistent or very forgetful because once we stopped leaving the food out, she resumed making the rounds regularly, each time it was a different tragic story. She should have been on Broadway. Such wasted talent.

Go on over and check out One Small Project, a site about leftover people, leftover spaces, and leftover materials. While you're there, don't miss the Flint Gallery from a few years back. The following is a clip of text from an article on the site titled, Compared to What:
“Sorry Bossman.”
I’m in an SUV in an abandoned lot at 3rd and Grand Traverse. Flint, Michigan. It’s concrete and asphalt, overgrown, untended (intended? unintended?) with a broken down telephone booth, liquor store, and gasoline station nearby.
Tim reaches in to shake hands with Mickel, passenger seat, and I flinch, involuntary, concerned about Mickel’s safety and digital camera. Tim jerks his hand out, involuntary. “Sorry Bossman,” as he steps back, “I’m a college student.” Then he asks about money for the bus, the telephone. I’d given fifty cents to a woman in the liquor store parking lot. Tim cut me off: “I don’t care what you did for her. I need money Bossman.”

Two new letters have arrived in regards to Andrew Raymond Tower and I figured I'd post them and ask for your advice. See, I'm in a quandary about what to do in regards to these blog posts et al. Let's start with the first, sent a couple months ago:
“Hi.. Im not sure who exactly Im contacting here…if it's Stacy or Mike regarding your Andrew Tower story but I would very much like to ask you why you have elected to disable commenting on your articles regarding Andrew. I also would like to know if it is at all possible to somehow have these stories come up when he is searched by a more common name he gives many new woman who are clueless to his troubled behavior. There are many women he is hurting currently and they are not even aware of his 'real name'. He gives Drew Perez… or Andrew Perez. If you have any questions and have time to reply to my email, it would very much be appreciated. Thank you…”
I referred her to this page, explaining why I closed commenting. She replied:
“Yes, I would very much like to see an update posted. Although, in the public eye, I would like to for the time being remain anonymous. To you… I will gladly share my identity and the key I hold to putting him in prison right now. Im in a very sensitive and difficult position right now. Andrew is 'in hiding' and is now considered an absconder to his probation. I was with Andrew for… well, this January would have been two years…or “I thought I was!”. Anyway, my boys and I are suffering greatly right now because for the last few months I had been trying to break it off but at the same time trying to get my *withheld info* which I am paying for…and I have a buyer for it but last conversations back and forth…with 'his brother' I might add… was that I would 'break his heart' if I left him etc… Coincidentally, he had a FAKE heart attack at the end of Sept and has been in and out of the hospital. Bullshit.. but I have been trying to play my cards right because I need my *withheld* back!! I have already talked to an officer…and I have another felony I could add to his record too with the proof I have… *withheld*. Yes, he still claims to be #5 in the world of graphic car designers for GM. And I currently had his latest fiancee contact me after finding my number on her bill. Much to her surprise, he was 'engaged' to the both of us with little doubt he is even legally divorced. Although, I do have a question… how does his wife have a child support issue against him legally if they are together? That I never figured out yet. As of right now, he has 5 bench warrants active again. And I will be happy to add TWO more!!! Thank you for getting back to me. The blogs are a lot to take absorb… and I have for some time been trying to convince myself that I did nothing wrong. And that he deserves to pay deeply for all of this. I am waay too understanding..have a lot of faith in people.. but I have been turning my head for too long!!
Warm regards,”
*Withheld for privacy/legal purposes
And then, I receive this gem a couple weeks ago…
“He got what was coming to him and I personnally am glad.
He got 16 months so far in prison and one other charge to come.
However, I am divorcing him so I am over it.
I would like to ask you a question however, and that question is:
Now that he is gone for a while, could you please just delete these pages?
I am tired of trying to answer questions about him and all his conquests.
I am sorry for anyone who he has suckered into knowing him, but please enough is enough. Now my childrens friends are asking question because its fun to search thier friends name and such and they find it. Its embarrassing to the boys. If you don't care about anything please just think about the kids. Personnally I think he deserved this site, but when it comes to the boys I believe it needs to be taken down. I understand if you think I am just asking for him I am not. At christmas time it happened again and I walked out. This time he was using the name Drew Perez, and he had 3 fiancees. I was blasted because he was using one of their phones and they contacted me and each of the other ladies. Now he is going to prison for possible anywhere from 6 to 60 months. For the child support and for the felonies that have already been written about. But, look I am sick of my life and my kids lives being blasted just because of his crap. So I am asking you as a mother to please take these pages down.
If you want to answer me with a reply please do, I have asked you to talk to me before with no response.
Thank you for looking at my email and considering my request.
*Name Withheld to protect the ignorant innocent*
All my Love,
Stay Safe,
Always help your friends & family in need!”
But when I look at his Offender Bio via the State of Michigan's Department of Corrections, I notice that he is off probation as of the 12th of this month. Who can be believed? Kids-a-plenty Tower doesn't appear to have a single warrant, but a few short months ago, he was an absconder. Does that even seem plausible?
Regardless of the legal what-have-you, the latter email did strike a chord with me, being that I am also a mother. At the same time, I question if, in looking at the big picture, the blog posts are more hurtful than helpful due to the amount of thankful email I receive from people who were saved the horrible experience that is A. R. Tower.
One last thing, I don't have a vendetta here. My sister has moved on and this is not a personal axe I have to grind as, thankfully, I have never met the guy. Quite frankly, I'm sick of being the messenger and I don't intend to do it anymore but in light of these two emails, I feel I need to make a decision once and for all — do I remove the posts regarding this, hoping that Drew Perez doesn't strike again? Or should I keep them up and let them serve as a warning to local women? Shouldn't we be a community that looks out for one another? One last question, why don't these women go start their own forums?

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When I die, I look forward to finally being at peace. No more emails, texts, RSS feeds, news, messages, reminders, tasks lists, calenders, and stupid fucking chain mail.

Even though I don’t believe in life after death, if anyone buries me with my cell phone, I’m coming back to haunt them.