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Five free sites that can help you keep your digital life organized when you go back to school. From class notes and schedules to gradebooks and collections, Stacy shows you how to keep it all tidy and access it remotely anywhere you have an internet connection!

When you’re saving pictures to your hard drive or saving pictures to post online or email, you’re going to want to know about lossy vs. lossless image compression. Stacy Reed explains this important computing concept.

Striving toward the utopian dream of a paperless office? Did you know you can verify the authenticity of a document, sign contracts, send secure forms to your colleagues (and much more), but do so quickly, securely and most importantly, legally online? This week, Stacy introduces three online services for creating your own digital signatures.

Stacy Reed shares five more sites where you can create free cartoon representations of your unique personality. Use these avatars to spruce up your social network profiles or to use in online forums where you’d prefer to remain anonymous. You could even make cartoon characters of all your phone contacts or chat buddies! This episode follows up on last week’s episode where Stacy demos five other avatar creating online apps.