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Conway’s Game of Life

“…one of the most fascinating aspects of The Game of Life is how it produces repeating patterns and patterns that move across the plane (referred to as gliders and spaceships). But with modern-day computers, we can process these steps effortlessly and see them before us near-instantaneously! As if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, how about wrapping your brain around the resultant theory that there needn’t be a designer for complex systems to evolve, only a catalyst!




Ting is a new way of doing business in the mobile space. The newest division of Tucows aims to simplify mobile. Basically, Ting users pay for what they use. They aren’t penalized for going over, their plan just makes the jump to the next service level without any overage charges. The kicker is this: If a Ting user uses less than they anticipated, they automatically receive a credit on their next bill.



“A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated in the past two days and had your gift doubled by Tucows! We are thrilled to announce that we met their generous gift and your $10,000 in donations has now become $20,000 thanks to their generosity. What a wonderful birthday week for CC!

Tucows is a company that started offering free downloads of shareware and freeware on the Internet in 1993, will take part in a matching challenge of up to $10,000. This means that whatever you donate right now will automatically be doubled. We need your help to meet their challenge and turn $10,000 into $20,000 for CC.”


Announcing $10k matching giving challenge from Tucows!

If you didn’t already know, Creative Commons provides free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work so others can share, remix, or sometimes even use commercially. Right now, Tucows is showing our support by matching your donations. Let’s turn 10K into 20K for CC! Follow the link!



Looking for a way to stay on top of all those tasks piling up on you? Maybe you need a way to keep track of your homework assignments and due dates, or maybe you need to better organize your work day to optimize efficiency. Stacy Reed shares five free task management tools that just might be the solution you’re looking for.

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Q. What would you say to other organizations that are considering transparency as a strategic initiative?
A. The days of hiding are over. You now have a choice of whether you want to tell the story or have others misrepresent the story on your behalf. It seems scary to admit you have problems but you gain so much by being open and honest that the stress of taking a new approach to communications is easily outweighed.

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