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The Twitterverse is experiencing the Five Stages of Grief with the recent loss of a favorite Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow. These happened to be in consecutive order in my Twitter feed:






Printmakers, exchange your 5×7 prints with artists from around the world. Give 12, get 10.

If you’re wondering where the extra 2 prints per artist end up, they keep one for their archives and the other will be displayed in a gallery exhibition in New York.

Details: The Print Exchange 2013 – The Sketchbook Project

Deadline: Postmark your prints by April 30th, 2013

Beaverton church sues family after they criticize it online

BEAVERTON, Ore. – A church pastor is suing a mother and daughter for $500,000 because they gave the church bad reviews online.

“If I went to Costco or any place in town, if I ran into somebody, they would turn their heads and walk the other way,” she said. “All we did was asked questions. We just raised concerns. There’s no sin in that.”

Got a related question for ya: is one song really worth $22,500?