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  1. I'm not one of Andrew's cronies. I came across your blog because I was curious about how things turned out for him. I knew him as a child and young adult. I noticed there have been a few compassionate postings about him here that have come and quickly gone. Those compassionate postings seem to be from people who know another side of him.
    A lot of his his negative behavior no doubt originated from his horrendous childhood experience. I knew he was turning into quite the fibber early on in grade school. Living with a step dad who essentially ignored him or treated him like crap, he tried anything he could in an attempt to gain acceptance from anyone he could. You see a lot of that in gang member behavior. I don't know of Andrew killing or seriously screwing up someone as many gang members do. A jilted love affair baed on falsehoods IS trivial compared to years of abuse and neglect.
    I am by no beans a personal advocate for Andrew or the behavior you describe. However, I must note that if his negative behavior is brought on by a poor self esteem, you are only adding to it and perpetuating the cycle with the blogs. Congratulations on its popularity. However, I don't think EVERYONE has read it. Have you thought of billboards?
    Your casual referral to his dad being a vet and how you should be “crying a river” is at least as insensitive as you make him out to be. The whole reason for me trying to find out whatever happened to him is my concern over what happens to veterens' families when their lives are torn apartb by the experience of war. If you want to see people crying rivers, just go to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. and you will find a parade of people every day who are crying rivers. You will also find this is being repeated in thousands of families exposed to the middle east wars now.
    Andrew is only one case of hundreds I have become familiar with. If you'd like, I can send you their stories as well and you can post what “assholes” they are. Or, you could be a little more compassionate and address inappropriate behavior and how to avoid being victimized by it. There are literally thousands of people with similar experiences with a wide range of responses. Andrew's response is really quite mild in comparison to most. In light of that, I agree that your stories of jilted love affairs do seem a bit trivial.
    Good point about being responsible for one's own behavior. That includes Andrew, the women who try to turn him into their own pathetic answer, me, and YOU. Andrew may not give a rats ass about a lot of things, and people who try to compartmentalize their own problems by villifying him aren't not really helping anyone. “I am not a foolish and desperate person, it's Andrew's fault” is not the answer.

  2. I'm sorry, I'm just not buying it.
    I had a horrendous childhood too. I don't choose to publicize the physical/emotional abuse, the abandonment, the mental illness that all pretty much define the relationship I had with both birth and step parents. I came from a poor family, had to work at an early age… the odds were stacked against me in many ways, and yet I was able to overcome all that and not let it define who I am. I do not let the abuse continue. That is a conscious decision we all must make for ourselves. If he does not have the willpower to control his hurtful actions, then he needs to see a shrink.
    I'm not trying to belittle the fact that his father was vet. My husband is a veteran as well as both of my grandfathers. I respect the people who fight for our country, so don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that blaming his bullshit on that fact alone is a cop-out and he should be held responsible, not his father, or stepfather or mother or anyone else. Shit happens in life. Get over it. Obviously, he can't. This is not just one jilted love affair, as you implied… this is habitual, and people are getting hurt. I believe it's deeper than a habit, it's a sickness, it's the behavior of a sociopath. Am I insensitive to his issues? Damn right, just about insensitive as he is to the women he screws over. He vilified himself.
    Let me just clarify… the posts are not exactly the most popular, they are just the most commented upon.

  3. Someone call the WAHHHHHHBULANCE!
    Based on your attempt at reasoning and logic, I should be legally allowed to pick and kill random targets every six months for the rest of my life. My father did not live with me, my stepfather was a complete joke, my family had useless drifters who died horrible deaths or losers who decided that being a crook was a career path. I grew up in Flint Michigan for the love of the gods. The difference is that I GREW UP, I take responsibility for MY actions and no one has to make excuses for me. I have committed no criminal acts and rather than be a user of other humans I served my country and have worked my entire life.
    People who use their backgrounds as excuses for acting like subhumans get no sympathy here. Comments blocked, keep your drama for your momma

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