8 comments on “Update – Andrew Raymond Tower STILL a Lying Lizard

  1. I am the latest victim.. You are correct.. Everything you have said here is exactly what he has told me..I almost relocated with out of state. Wondered why I only seen him once and a while never had time for me but always made up some excuse.

  2. It is June 2015, he is still doing the same crap. he asked me to marry him and he was going to leave with me to go to South Carolina because of my job offer. He was going to get through his son’s graduation and open house then I would be all his..Needless to say my son found his cell phone and saw him sending disgusting texts to an old girlfriend. He goes on Craigslist and posts ads for a true love and/or fun partner. He is on the sex websites and dating websites. He is a LIAR and still lives with his ex wife whom I imagine is still sleeping with. But he told me he hasn’t been with her in 18 years or any other woman in 18 years. lies lies..

  3. I don’t even know where to begin. I was totally fooled. Everything I’ve read on here is almost VERBATIM of the stuff he was telling me. Something was bugging me, it all sounded just a little too perfect and so I looked into it and found this. I think I actually stopped breathing for a minute. What’s up with this guy? Is he mentally ill or is this just a sick game? I feel so much better now that this is over. Andrew, if you read this, you’ve got problems.

    • This is why, in spite of all his pathetic begging and pleading and fake accounts, I have not removed these old posts from my blog. Thank you for keeping us updated. I’m sorry that this has happened to you, but I commend you for doing your research.

      • I, too, am very happy that you did not soften and take down these blogs, Stacey. Andrew has been out of my life for five years now and I have not felt more amazing! It’s even been a number of years since I’ve been back to these blogs. But one day curiosity caused me to check if you had taken them down. Needless to say, I was appalled to see that he has still been victimizing more women as of only a few weeks ago!. It took me a long time to convince my own self that Andrew was indeed this monster… too long! So i know completely what these new women feel about reading what their gut was trying to tell them! I pray for them. I used to feel bad for his ex-wife (& live-in partner), Tammy because she knew about all these women and still took him back. I no longer feel bad for her. She controls her life and her lack of self esteem consumes her and covers up the truth about the sociopath she has allowed to manipulate her life! Andrew will NEVER change. I hope Tammy at some point, realizes this and claims her life back.

  4. Sadly I was also seeing Andrew in 2012 at the same time as the woman in this post. I only wish I had found this site before getting involved. Everything in the post is exactly what he told me about himself. All lies. I hate to admit it but I suffered extreme mental disturbance stemming from this. I was not able to trust anyone for a long time. I was very afraid of Andrew and what he might do to me. It’s only now since I’ve been in my current relationship that I feel safe and have trust again. I hope I never have to see this scum bag again.

  5. This man is a piece of garbage he dated my good friend and i knew from the start something was not right with him.I knew for one when he asked my friend to marry him and hadnt even met her yet ssmdh. Back then he claimed to work for general motors he conned her out of money he even went as far to say he was attending his mothers funeral when in fact he was on vacation with his wife and kids. I went to school with his wife and i told her all about what was going on But of course i was lying,they both are mentally unstable.I seen him today at krogers putting a ring on a ladies finger as she was saying it doesnt fit and hes saying it does it does it fits perfectly baby,it took alll my will to stay in my car and not go get my fiance to beat this mans ass then he turned and seen me lol. He walked inside pretty fast with his new victim i dont understand how he gets any women hes so damn ugly. He came between me and my friend she didnt want to believe the rumors even after seeing your first blog,but im thankful shes away from him but like everyone else on here he has left a bad mark. One day hes going to find a women with some grown sons whos gonna beath the heck out him for messing with there momma it will happen sooner or later.

  6. I’m the latest victim engaged to him since June.he went to jail today and couldn’t take his phone…wow the stuff I found…if any of u wish to contact me please do…810 4933145

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